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Friendly Disclaimer

Please be careful when sending and receiving files.  Only open files from those you know, as Taxprosites.com will not be liable for any damages that may occur due to viruses or other malicious software transferred by you or your clients through this system. 

Please review our terms of use before using.











Basic Instructions



Sending (Accountants)

The email address which we have on file for us is the email address you must use when utilizing our service.  If you would like to change your address, please contact us. 


Your email address must appear in either the TO or the FROM section, allowing you and your clients to communicate through our system.  If your email address does not appear in either section then an error will occur.  This is the security which the system employs to make sure others cannot abuse the system.


You will notice there is no login area.  The system works on a peer-to-peer model through email.  All file transfers are picked up through links sent in messages to and from your clients.  Users cannot see each others files.


To send a file or allow your clients to send you a file, simply use this link:


You and your clients must use your email address which we have in our system to send you a file.  It will not work with any other address.


We strongly suggest never unchecking the security boxes in the form.  Nor do we see any reason why one might choose to do this.


Sending (Clients of Accountants)

The only difference for you as a client of an accountant is that you must put in the email address in the Recipient area which your accountant has provided.  The system will not work with any other address.  Please fill out the message section as well to help your tax preparer out.



Once a file is sent, you will receive a message in your inbox.  This will contain a link and a message from the sender (if they chose to type one).  Click the link to open your browser and download the file.  You may save the file like any other which you download from the web.


If you need any technical help, please feel free to contact us and we will help you out as best as we can.


Call (570)836-8138 during regular business hours or Contact Us at any time to subscribe to the service.




Contact: info@taxprosites.com - Phone: (570)836-8138 Fax: (570)836-2126  P.O. Box 58 Tunkhannock, PA 18657

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